Match an Item to an Existing Record

If you find a record that matches your search criteria, you must now assess that record.

The most basic components of a good bibliographic record are:

  • ISBN – 020 field
  • Author – 100 field
  • Title – 245 field
  • Publisher and Date – 260 or 264 fields
  • Physical Description – 300 field (page numbers or number or type of discs for A/V items)
  • Series – 490 and 800 fields
  • Subject Headings – 6XX fields
  • Print Size – large print versus regular print

These components are part of the detailed MARC record (Machine Readable Cataloging record), which is how the computer interprets information about items.

If multiple records match your search criteria add your item to the record that has the most holdings attached to it already or

Format Icons can also help you evaluate which title is the best choice for you based on if you have an audiobook, a large print book, and normal print book.

Format Icons also show you if a record is for a normal DVD or a Blu-ray DVD.

Or if the record is for an audiobook on CD or cassette.