Cataloging Series

A Series is a collection of related materials with a name attached (e.g. “The Hunger Games”).  Items in a series may or may not be published separately. Each item may or may not have  uniquely identifying information, and the series may or may not be expected to continue  indefinitely.

Evergreen recognizes an item as a member of a series by entries made in the bibliographic  record. The MARC fields that identify a series are:

  • 440 field (obsolete, now 490)
  • 490 field (searchable in Evergreen)
  • 800 field
  • 810 field
  • 811 field
  • 830 field

As always, check the catalog to see if a bibliographic record exists first. In most instances, you  will simply use the 800 field for a personal name.

Cataloging Steps 

  1. Advanced Search for the series title with search input set to Series.
  2. Select one of the series titles and look for 490 and 8XX fields in the MARC record.
  3. If there aren’t 490 and 8XX fields, create them:
    • 490 Series Statement

o Be exact in the punctuation. Make sure you put a “1” in the first indicator field  which points to the 800 field.

o =490 1\ $aHunger Games ; $v bk. 2. 

  • 8xx Fields

o 800 Series Added Entry–Personal Name

o 810 Series Added Entry–Corporate Name

o 811 Series Added Entry–Meeting Name

o 830 Series Added Entry–Uniform Title