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Current Members

Maine Balsam Libraries consortium (commonly called Balsam) comprises more than 40 libraries across the state of Maine! Visit individual library websites using the linked names below.

    1. Abbott Memorial Library, Dexter
    2. AOS 94 Athens Community School, Athens
    3. AOS 94 Dexter Regional High School, Dexter
    4. AOS 94 Harmony Elementary School, Harmony
    5. AOS 94 Ridgeview Community School, Dexter
    6. AOS 96 Jonesboro Elementary School, Jonesboro
    7. Bass Harbor Memorial Library, Bass Harbor
    8. Beal University Library, Bangor
    9. Case Memorial Library, Kenduskeag
    10. Central Maine Medical Center Gerrish-True Health Sciences Library, Lewiston
    11. Foxcroft Academy Library, Dover-Foxcroft
    12. Guilford Memorial Library, Guilford
    13. Hartland Public Library, Hartland
    14. Henry D. Moore Library, Steuben
    15. Jim Ditzler Public Memorial Library, New Sharon
    16. Katahdin Public Library, Island Falls
    17. Mechanics’ Hall Library, Portland
    18. Milbridge Public Library, Milbridge
    19. Monroe Community Library, Monroe
    20. Monson Free Library, Monson
    21. Helen S. Dunn School Library, Greenbush
    22. MSAD 4 Piscataquis Community Elementary School, Guilford
    23. MSAD 4 Piscataquis Community High School, Guilford
    24. MSAD 41 Penquis Valley Elementary School, Milo
    25. MSAD 41 Penquis Valley Middle & High School, Milo
    26. MASD 41 Brownville Elementary School, Brownville
    27. Newport Cultural Center, Newport
    28. Ogunquit Memorial Library, Ogunquit
    29. RSU 73 Spruce Mountain Primary School, Jay
    30. RSU 73 Spruce Mountain Elementary School, Jay
    31. RSU 73 Spruce Mountain Middle School, Jay
    32. RSU 73 Spruce Mountain High School, Jay
    33. RSU 87 Carmel Elementary School, Carmel
    34. RSU 87 Caravel Middle School, Carmel
    35. RSU 87 Susan Smith Elementary School, Levant
    36. Shaw Public Library, Greenville
    37. Simpson Memorial Library, Carmel
    38. Thompson Free Library, Dover-Foxcroft
    39. Thorndike Library, College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor
    40. Unity Public Library, Unity
    41. Veteran’s Memorial Library, Patten
    42. Waldo Peirce Reading Room Library, Frankfort

Member Benefits

    • Access to Evergreen ILS that facilitates the management, cataloging, and circulation of library materials, and through its OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) and KPAC (Kid’s Online Public Access Catalog) helps patrons find those materials.
    • Assistance with setup of Evergreen and help with migration from previous system if needed.
    • Free training sessions from Balsam members with advanced Evergreen experience.
    • Access to free training videos and training resources.
    • Access to the Balsam Listerv.
    • Balsam member mentor.
    • Optional participation in the Balsam Interlibrary Loan Program.

Membership Fees

      1. One-time joining fee of $500.
      2. Annual membership fees billed in June, but based on May 31 numbers, payment due in July based on number of individual items:
        • 10,000 or less = $400
        • 10,000-17,500 = $500
        • 17,500-24,999 = $600
        • 25,000-37,500 = $700
        • 37,500-49,999 = $800
        • 50,000-62,500 = $900
        • 62,500-74,999 = $1000
        • 75,000-99,999 = $1200
        • 100,000-124,999 = $1400
        • 125,000-149,999 = $1600
        • 150,000 and up = $1800

What is Evergreen? An open-source integrated library system. What is an ILS? An integrated library system (ILS) is a system that allows librarians to circulate and catalog items, manage patron activity, manage due dates and fines, track item movement, among other features.

What is an OPAC? An online public access catalog (OPAC), often known simply as a library catalog, allows users to search a library’s collections using a web-based interface.

What is a KPAC? A kids public access catalog (KPAC), allows children and teens to search a library’s collections by topic and age group using a web-based interface.  

Join Us

Interested in joining Maine Balsam Libraries?

Whether you are migrating from another system or starting fresh with Evergreen, we welcome all members!

    1. Read about migration to and setup of Evergreen
    2. Contact Nancy Grant, President
    3. Read and sign the Balsam-agreement-to-participate-2018-12