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Balsam Listserv
Use this Google Group Listserv to email fellow Balsam members about things like extra copies of books to give away, library updates, help needed with or questions about Evergreen, etc. This Listserv is also used by Balsam administrators to alert Balsam members when the Evergreen system is down or having issues, of upcoming meetings, etc.

Evergreen Issues
If Evergreen site is frozen, won’t load pages, won’t allow patrons to search, won’t let staff catalog materials please call Chris Maas directly at 207-924-4553.

Documentation & How-Tos

Balsam is currently using Evergreen Version 3-11-0

Useful Links

        1. SITKA Evergreen Support
        2. Evergreen Documentation
        3. NC Cardinal Cataloging Documentation
        4. OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards

Workstation Setup & Login

        1. Logging into Evergreen & Registering a Workstation
        2. Setting Search Defaults
        3. Turn Off Sounds

Patron Record

        1. Searching for Patrons
        2. Registering a Patron
        3. Edit a Patron Record


        1. Check Out
        2. Check In
        3. Renew
        4. Item Status
        5. Overdues
        6. Placing Holds
        7. Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
        8. Searching the OPAC
        9. Searching the Kid’s OPAC (KPAC)
        10. Bills & Payments


        1. Inventory with Evergreen


        1. Cataloging Overview
          1. Understanding Bibliographic Records
          2. AACR2 versus RDA
        2. Item Cataloging is the process of adding items to preexisting records in the Balsam catalog.
          1. Search the Balsam Catalog for Existing Records
          2. Match an Item to an Existing Record
          3. Adding Holdings to an Existing Record
          4. Edit Items Attached to an Existing Record
          5. Delete Item(s) from an Existing Record
        3. Copy Cataloging is the process of finding pre-existing records and importing them into the Balsam catalog using Z39.50. The primary source of records in the US is OCLC.
          1. Copy Cataloging (Importing records using Z39.50)
          2. Fixed Fields (Audience)
          3. Icons & Icon Chart
          4. Cover Images
          5. Use of a Single Bibliographic Record
          6. Overlaying Records
          7. Transferring Records/Items
          8. Cataloging Series
          9. Subjects and Genre/Form Headings
        4. Original Cataloging is the process of creating a record for an item that has no existing record in Z39.50. This requires demonstrated in-depth knowledge of cataloging and permission from the Cataloging Committee.


        1. Coming soon.

Balsam YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel has recordings of how to do many of the above points from setting up a workstation to copy cataloging.