Copy Cataloging (Importing records using Z39.50)

Copy Cataloging is the process of finding pre-existing records and importing them into the Balsam catalog using Z39.50.

  1. Cataloging, then click Import Record from Z39.50
  2. Under Services and Credentials, select Local Catalog, Library of Congress, and MaineCat.
  3. Enter search term and click Search
    1. Start with ISBN, if no records are found, search title and author
  4. Results appear in the lower window.
    1. Under Service you’ll see native-evergreen-catalog for records in Balsam, loc for Library of Congress, and infonet for MaineCat.
  5. Highlight one result in the window and click on the View MARC tab. Click Cancel to return to the previous display. Continue this process paying attention to the MARC fields and choose the most robust record.
  6. Highlight the result you want and click Edit then Import.
  7. Remove unwanted fields (mainly 9XX fields).
  8. Click Import
  9. Click Go to Record and add holdings.