Choose Administration -> Reports

To set up your folders the first time, under My Folders click on Reports and create a new subfolder and then click on Output and do the same.

Under Shared Folders click the gray arrow next to Templates then click on balsamcentral

Click on Circulation (BALSAM)
Change Limit output to All to view all reports
Click in box in front of either Overdues Schools Homeroom price or Overdues – by Circulating Library and click Submit.

Fill in required parts of the reports form:

  • Name: suggest using report topic and date (example: Overdues June 3, 2024)
  • Choose a folder to store this report definition: Choose the folder to match one from “My folders”
  • Open Circulation: Use the calendars to select start and end dates between which to run the report
  • Organizational Unit: Scroll to find your library and click on your library’s name (choose the name without a -S (FOX, not FOX-S)), then click Add, and you library will appear in the box below
  • Output Options: Unclick HTML and Bar charts so that only Excel Output is checked
  • Choose a folder to store this report’s output: Click on the name of the folder you want the report saved in
  • Click Save Report

If report is correctly filled in, box shows Report succeeded. If not, box notes what is missing in form.

To see report under My Folders click on gray arrow next to Output and click on the name of folder you saved the report to, then check the box next to the report you want to view, then click Submit. A new window will pop up and click on the link for Excel Output and the file will download to your computer.